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You do not want to be one of those "boring" products that no one remembers. You want your products to stand out from competition and create a lasting impression for your customer. 

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 Our Latest Innovation

Here is how we help brands to stand out


TouchingLight is a shelf display that lights up when customers either touch or select a product from the shelf. Even when customers interact with a competing brand, your display lights up, catching their attention!

Launched in 2015, our patented technology has quickly gained the attention of renowned global brands.

This subtle yet effective display uses little energy and is easily transferable between shelves.

Find out more about Touching Light and how it works here:


TopFlow is a bag-in-box that flows from the top. Simple and easy to use like any other bag-in-box, but so much better.

The hassle free way of pulling the tap out of the box and the convenience of placing a glass directly under the tap opens up a whole new experience of consuming bag-in-box wines.

It is also less fragile in comparison with the traditional wine bottles made of glass. TopFlow eliminates the struggle of squeezing that last bit of wine out of the box – our patented technology enables 97% of the wine to be consumer without having to take the bag out of the box.

Our Services

Production & Distribution
We Build brands through packaging.

Swedbrand Packaging is a company fully focused on building and enhancing our customer’s brands through packaging. Our strong development team works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions to serve our client’s needs.

Through our partners, as well as shareholding in factories in Asia and Europe, we are able to handle both small and large global projects. With production in 11 countries and sales offices in both Europe and Asia we are well equipped to handle any kind of request.

We Go Beyond Design to Make Your Brand Stand Out 

There is much more to a successful packaging solution than the package itself.

That is why at Swedbrand we truly believe that design and production go hand in hand. At Swedbrand Design we develop brands that get chosen. Our packaging design service is doing its best to meet your specific needs
and requirements. Whether it is structural or graphic design, our experienced team always manages to develop a solution in collaboration with our clients to provide them with the best possible result.

Freight Logistics & Warehousing
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Not only Swedbrand is your reliable partner when it comes to packaging, but we also offer our clients the most comprehensive distribution solutions to ensure their needs throughout the value chain are covered. We do our best to always customize our logistics services to your needs and ensure the most cost-effective and efficient movement of your products. With our headquarters located both in Asia and Europe, our company is proud to offer international warehousing services. Thanks to our network of highly trusted warehouse partners, we can store your goods in the location that is most convenient for you and this way ordering from us will be even more hassle-free and cost-effective.


If you think Swedish people are beautiful you should see what SWEDBRAND does to your packaging. Our customers can't stop raving about our innovative & sexy packaging.

From an ugly duckling our product was transformed into a beautiful swan. 

Marie Doe
CEO of Maelu

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