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If you have a business, between Chinese and global teams, efficient collaboration is a key to your growth. There's no greater asset than a Cloud Storage that has 26 languages and works in China without VPN.

What most people don't realize is that you need speedy collaboration in China which is extremely important.

Using our system, you'll be taking the right steps from day 1. And you won't only share files quickly and effectively, but also make happy employees (and future customers) right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Hello, Nihao cloud service is available in the Chinese Mainland?

Can I use NiHao Cloud in the United States?

Does NiHao provide same service like goole drive or dropbox?

Why NiHao Cloud is not blocked in China? 

Does NiHao shares files with china government? Does the government keep a copy of sensitive business files?

How much free space I get on Free Version? 

How to Upgrade to Pro version? How much does it cost?

What features do I get on Pro version? 

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