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How to get a MPLS line to China

What is MPLS?MPLS ( “Multiprotocol Label Switching”) is a protocol to transfer data between specific physical locations, usually over a dedicated telecommunication network which is separated from the Internet. More specifically, a physical fibber or copper will be installed to your required offices and plugged into your network to enable interconnectivity. Why do companies need MPLS? The advantage […]

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How to sync Dropbox with NiHao Cloud

How to Sync NiHao Cloud with other Clouds  This video tutorial shows you how to sync NiHao Cloud with other cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive. Essentially, you can sync any folder or file that’s stored on your laptop or other cloud platforms to NiHao Cloud, and transfer it worry-free from and […]

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How NiHao Cloud Complies with GDPR

How NiHao Cloud Complies with GDPR ​Disclaimer: This post does not serve as legal advice and should be considered only as guidelines in your GDPR or China cyber-security planning. You should work with your legal counsel to make the right decisions based on your business needs and circumstances. ​What is GDPR? General Data Privacy Regulation, or GDPR, takes […]

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How to share libraries, create groups & more on NiHao Pro

All you need to know quick guide to professional version of NiHao  In this video you can quickly learn how to share libraries to other users,  create relevant groups and how manage user access rights. If you have any questions you can check out more on “All Admin needs to know” on our knowledge base.  You can […]

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We just launched Free version of Nihao

We just launched “Nihao”- Dropbox, Box & Wetransfer Alternative for ChinaHaving troubles sending personal videos back home?  Getting frustrated sharing large-size files with the team overseas?  Feeling desperate with VPNs failing one after another? Sign up for VPN free file transfer – it’s FREE.  Who are we?  German-made IBB China has been taking on IT challenges in China for […]

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1 China’s Public Cloud Crackdown is not Over. Update 2017

China’s public cloud crackdown is not overLast May 2016 we tested the speed of China’s cloud providers before the big crackdown. We saw some big changes in China public cloud sector and decided to make an update. This time we got some help from daxue consulting– China market research leader to do a third party […]

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3 Best IT Practices to Connect International Offices to China

3 Best IT Practices to Connect International Offices to ChinaAre you in China and cannot access to basic systems such email, data storage, CRM, etc.? That may be because your systems are located in your Europe HQ servers. So why cannot connect properly to your HQ servers? The answer is always the same: Great Firewall of […]

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Cloud Storage providers in China: speed test before the big crackdown in 2016

Cloud Storage providers in China: speed test before the big crackdown in 2016About two weeks ago Chinese public received striking news: most Chinese cloud providers “decided” to discontinue their Cloud Storage services. Major reasons would include government’s involvement regarding illegal content that is stored and shared among citizens, lack of profit from free plans and […]

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